It has been a while hasn’t it…

So I’m about to unleash… I don’t give a fuck anymore who I might hurt or who might see this. I am done walking on eggshells and it is time to just say “fuck it all”

To those that I work with. Your life is just that… your life. It does not revolve around pork products and it sure as hell does not have to be lead in fear. If you are worried that someone else is going to do or say something that would cause you trouble even if you have done nothing wrong, why bother spending the energy and time trying to justify yourself when we all know that the outcome is going to be the same? He/She who tells their story first will always be “right”. Fuck that shit… and fuck the pork product.


For those that seem to think that I’m an ass pretty much 24/7. Guess what? It’s not going to change. I have been the same person for so long… over the past few years I eased up on everyone because I was approached to be nicer. I’m done doing that. I don’t care if you like me or not… if you don’t like me then get the fuck out. Simple as that. I am sick and tired of hearing the drama and when I toss in my two cents then I’m an asshole. Whatever. If you don’t want to hear it then keep quiet. I have been more than generous over the past several years… I have never asked for anything in return. Now I am done. Fend for yourselves… and keep me out of it.


And for everyone else… what can I say? I am going to remain the same person until the day I die. You either accept me as is… or you walk away. Either way, I have lost nothing. I can gain something but nothing would ever be lost.

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